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Today, the portable generator market offers a wide range of portable generators for you to choose from. There’s conventional, inverter, professional and several in-between. Here i’d like to break them down a bit to help you decide which will be best for you.


“Conventional” generators are the original generators. They’re somewhat bulkier and heavier than inverter generators… But on the plus side – cheaper and more powerful.

The reason why they’re heavier is because they use a lot of copper to generator electricity. A LOT. So all the winding of copper required to generator electricity in the amounts a portable genset does requires the mass of copper.

I’d recommend a conventional style to you if you only need to use it around the home from time to time. So weekends in your backyard sorta thing. The Best portable generator buying guides should help you sift through the plethora of available options to land at your choice.


“Inverters” are lighter, quieter, produce cleaner electricity and are more fuel efficient. With all this comes a more expensive unit – especially when you factor in cost per Watt.

Inverter style does away with all the copper and uses smaller more efficient magnets to produce the output. It also uses a computer controlled bit of gear to stabilise the electricity so you can use the power from your inverter generator to power sensitive electronics.

I recommend the inverter style for those that need an extremely portable unit. Lets say you take it with you camping or hunting and it needs to fit on the back of a ATV or just be very compact. In addition, since these are somewhat more expensive for the Watt (usually about $1000 for 2kW) I wouldn’t recommend these if you require something in excess of 2kW of power.


There are specially designed units for contractors. They are conventional style and come with heavy duty automotive quality parts in their engines. These will run you upwards of $2000 for 8kW and upwards from there. But it is worth it if you use yours for making your living. These higher quality generators can take a hit everyday all day, and also have bigger fuel tanks for less downtime.

I’ve got some more guides and tips at this website: generator price comparison

Written by admin on September 3rd, 2013