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There are 3 things that make a great tool for around the home: useful, usable and affordable. The tool needs to rank highly in at least 2 of those 3 to be a top rated tool in my books. Let’s look into each and discuss.

1. Useful

A useful tool is one that performs or helps perform a task that is done regularly. So for example cooking. You cook everyday. A useful cooking tool might be your oven, or a slow cooking crock pot, because these tools assist with the job of cooking.

A not very useful cooking tool (well for some people) might be a deep-fryer because you wouldn’t use it that often.

2. Usable

A usable tool is one that is designed well and is easy to use. Apple iPhone are oftentimes deemed very user friendly. Cool stuff.

An object that is useful – an oven or stove – is oftentimes not very usable. Same with a dishwasher. Think about how often you have to stop and think which nob does what and which buttons to push to what on the stove and dishwasher. Every time I got to use the stove I have to stop and look at the little drawing saying which knob if for which stovetop. But maybe thats just me and my stove?

3. Affordable

How often do you cook pizza at home? Well, even if often, a wood-fired pizza is still expensive. In the realm of $500 and up.

So do you see what I mean by being useful and usable but if it is expensive it becomes less practical?

Written by admin on April 9th, 2014