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Is Your Basement Safe?   no comments

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Do you have a sump pump reviews in your basement? If no, then let me tell you a story why you might want to reconsider.

When I was younger my family lived in a house with a basement. It would flood a few times a year. From what I recall the time of year was at the end of winter when all the snow was melting. Obviously my dad and mom didn’t want it to flood so they went through a bevy contractors to try and seal the basement. It kept flooding.

The problem was the basement needed a sump pit and pump. It didn’t need more sealing or protection. These contractors were all trying to prevent the problem instead of just creating a solution. It would be like making a car out of structural steel and concrete so the occupants were safe.

Anyways, my parents went through thousands over the years and eventually paid $1500 to solve the problem with a sump pit, backup sump pump and primary pump. The basement never flooded again.

Get yourself a sump pit and pump if you have a basement that floods and keep wasting money trying to fortify it.

Written by admin on April 6th, 2014