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Is Yard Work Good Exercise?   no comments

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So I wondered if I was getting any exercise the other day while pressure washing my fence with my new heavy-duty DeWalt $1000 pressure cleaner. I knew that if I wore my Polar fitness watch and my heart rate showed as above 125 bpm it could be considered aerobic activity. Which would confirm that yard work is good exercise. Let me tell you how the trial went.

Now I knew off the bat that pressure washing wouldn’t be as good of exercise as something more physical like lawn mowing. But there is still a good force pushing back on you and you need to counter that with some core muscle. Overall the job was going to take about 1 hour. The heart rate monitor would consistently track my heart rate but I would just look at it a few times.

I took my resting rate at 70 bpm then got started wheeling the washer out of the garage and plugging in the correct hosing. Ten minutes in my heart rate was only at 90 bpm. Thirty minutes in it was at 95 bpm.

At this point I thought something wasn’t working so I put the washer wand and gun down and did a quick run around. HR went up to 130 within 1 minute. Ten minutes more of cleaning and it was back down to 95 bpm. At this stage I gave up the idea that pressure cleaning was very good exercise.

So there you have it. Yard work can be good exercise but it depends on the type of exercise. Like that article recommends, use a pushy lawnmower if you want some good yard work exercise.

Written by admin on April 6th, 2014

Save Time Cleaning With a Pressure Washer   no comments

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A pressure washer reviews article. It will save you tons of time around the home cleaning. Things like your driveway, car, boat, fences, house siding, concrete pathways – all made incredibly easy with the right pressure washer. Over at Pressure cleaner there are some good buying guides and comparisons to help you pinpoint the best one for your needs – here I’d just like to give you a brief run-over of the types you can get and also the jobs you can do with one. Read on…

Karcher pressure cleaners were the first ones to hit the market in the early 1950s. They are most known for their smaller size electric washers, although they do make gasoline ones they’re not that popular. Get a Karcher if you’re looking for a top quality electric washer.

Generac is a brand most known for their electric generators, but given the major component of both these products is a top notch engine to power the pump or the generator they’ve got a head start. Buy a Generac if you want a big powerful gasoline power washer.

There’s lots of other brands for you to choose from like Simpson, DeWalt and Honda but I find the best and most affordable are the above mentioned. O yeah I forgot to mention – AR Blue Clean is a more budget electric washer that should do the trick for most of you if you’re just looking at doing your car, boat and other small jobs on the weekend.


Written by admin on November 11th, 2013