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Best Lawn Mower for Curb AppealLawn mower reviews article. One way to increase the curb appeal of your home is to keep your garden. Flowers, a tight lawn and cropped bushes are all key to increasing the curb appeal by $10k.

Especially if you’re selling your home… Pay close attention to the garden, lawn and tidiness of a yard. People won’t actively pay more for a nice lawn but they will subconsciously think the home is worth more. Simply put: the better you present your home the more money you’ll get for it.

So what are the steps to do that?

First up is ensuring you have the best lawn mower because if you buy second rate it will fail and you will be mad. Also, with a great mower not patches will be left on the lawn. The best mowers these days are the petrol powered Husky mowers. For less than $300 they offer an OHV engine and options for grass catching, mulching or side discharge. They offer premium manufacturing and Honda engines.

In the electric side of things Black and Decker and GreenWorks offer great options. Electric can be either corded or cordless. Decide if you want to deal with the cord of want to deal with charging batteries.

For further analysis check out lawn mower reviews of the best push mowers to help you find the best for your needs.

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How Do I Rate If a Tool is Great?   no comments

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There are 3 things that make a great tool for around the home: useful, usable and affordable. The tool needs to rank highly in at least 2 of those 3 to be a top rated tool in my books. Let’s look into each and discuss.

1. Useful

A useful tool is one that performs or helps perform a task that is done regularly. So for example cooking. You cook everyday. A useful cooking tool might be your oven, or a slow cooking crock pot, because these tools assist with the job of cooking.

A not very useful cooking tool (well for some people) might be a deep-fryer because you wouldn’t use it that often.

2. Usable

A usable tool is one that is designed well and is easy to use. Apple iPhone are oftentimes deemed very user friendly. Cool stuff.

An object that is useful – an oven or stove – is oftentimes not very usable. Same with a dishwasher. Think about how often you have to stop and think which nob does what and which buttons to push to what on the stove and dishwasher. Every time I got to use the stove I have to stop and look at the little drawing saying which knob if for which stovetop. But maybe thats just me and my stove?

3. Affordable

How often do you cook pizza at home? Well, even if often, a wood-fired pizza is still expensive. In the realm of $500 and up.

So do you see what I mean by being useful and usable but if it is expensive it becomes less practical?

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So I wondered if I was getting any exercise the other day while pressure washing my fence with my new heavy-duty DeWalt $1000 pressure cleaner. I knew that if I wore my Polar fitness watch and my heart rate showed as above 125 bpm it could be considered aerobic activity. Which would confirm that yard work is good exercise. Let me tell you how the trial went.

Now I knew off the bat that pressure washing wouldn’t be as good of exercise as something more physical like lawn mowing. But there is still a good force pushing back on you and you need to counter that with some core muscle. Overall the job was going to take about 1 hour. The heart rate monitor would consistently track my heart rate but I would just look at it a few times.

I took my resting rate at 70 bpm then got started wheeling the washer out of the garage and plugging in the correct hosing. Ten minutes in my heart rate was only at 90 bpm. Thirty minutes in it was at 95 bpm.

At this point I thought something wasn’t working so I put the washer wand and gun down and did a quick run around. HR went up to 130 within 1 minute. Ten minutes more of cleaning and it was back down to 95 bpm. At this stage I gave up the idea that pressure cleaning was very good exercise.

So there you have it. Yard work can be good exercise but it depends on the type of exercise. Like that article recommends, use a pushy lawnmower if you want some good yard work exercise.

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Do you have a sump pump reviews in your basement? If no, then let me tell you a story why you might want to reconsider.

When I was younger my family lived in a house with a basement. It would flood a few times a year. From what I recall the time of year was at the end of winter when all the snow was melting. Obviously my dad and mom didn’t want it to flood so they went through a bevy contractors to try and seal the basement. It kept flooding.

The problem was the basement needed a sump pit and pump. It didn’t need more sealing or protection. These contractors were all trying to prevent the problem instead of just creating a solution. It would be like making a car out of structural steel and concrete so the occupants were safe.

Anyways, my parents went through thousands over the years and eventually paid $1500 to solve the problem with a sump pit, backup sump pump and primary pump. The basement never flooded again.

Get yourself a sump pit and pump if you have a basement that floods and keep wasting money trying to fortify it.

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A pressure washer reviews article. It will save you tons of time around the home cleaning. Things like your driveway, car, boat, fences, house siding, concrete pathways – all made incredibly easy with the right pressure washer. Over at Pressure cleaner there are some good buying guides and comparisons to help you pinpoint the best one for your needs – here I’d just like to give you a brief run-over of the types you can get and also the jobs you can do with one. Read on…

Karcher pressure cleaners were the first ones to hit the market in the early 1950s. They are most known for their smaller size electric washers, although they do make gasoline ones they’re not that popular. Get a Karcher if you’re looking for a top quality electric washer.

Generac is a brand most known for their electric generators, but given the major component of both these products is a top notch engine to power the pump or the generator they’ve got a head start. Buy a Generac if you want a big powerful gasoline power washer.

There’s lots of other brands for you to choose from like Simpson, DeWalt and Honda but I find the best and most affordable are the above mentioned. O yeah I forgot to mention – AR Blue Clean is a more budget electric washer that should do the trick for most of you if you’re just looking at doing your car, boat and other small jobs on the weekend.


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Today, the portable generator market offers a wide range of portable generators for you to choose from. There’s conventional, inverter, professional and several in-between. Here i’d like to break them down a bit to help you decide which will be best for you.


“Conventional” generators are the original generators. They’re somewhat bulkier and heavier than inverter generators… But on the plus side – cheaper and more powerful.

The reason why they’re heavier is because they use a lot of copper to generator electricity. A LOT. So all the winding of copper required to generator electricity in the amounts a portable genset does requires the mass of copper.

I’d recommend a conventional style to you if you only need to use it around the home from time to time. So weekends in your backyard sorta thing. The Best portable generator buying guides should help you sift through the plethora of available options to land at your choice.


“Inverters” are lighter, quieter, produce cleaner electricity and are more fuel efficient. With all this comes a more expensive unit – especially when you factor in cost per Watt.

Inverter style does away with all the copper and uses smaller more efficient magnets to produce the output. It also uses a computer controlled bit of gear to stabilise the electricity so you can use the power from your inverter generator to power sensitive electronics.

I recommend the inverter style for those that need an extremely portable unit. Lets say you take it with you camping or hunting and it needs to fit on the back of a ATV or just be very compact. In addition, since these are somewhat more expensive for the Watt (usually about $1000 for 2kW) I wouldn’t recommend these if you require something in excess of 2kW of power.


There are specially designed units for contractors. They are conventional style and come with heavy duty automotive quality parts in their engines. These will run you upwards of $2000 for 8kW and upwards from there. But it is worth it if you use yours for making your living. These higher quality generators can take a hit everyday all day, and also have bigger fuel tanks for less downtime.

I’ve got some more guides and tips at this website: generator price comparison

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